Alexandros Spyropoulos

Alexandros Spyropoulos is a seasoned knowledge driven Software Engineer, strong in delivering robust, well tested code, and adapting to any technology stack, that codes, builds and ships code in JavaScript, Swift, Java, PHP and ActionScript since 2005.


Once upon a time, Alex realised that he loved to hack his games. He used to spend hours after hours changing the rules of the victims... err... games, in many annoying ways.

As the years passed by, he learned how to make his own games. He worked for 5 years with Omega Technologies in Athens, learning a lot, while programming more than a hundred Flash games for the company and the education sector. At the same time he worked in the entertainment industry programming visualisations in tv ledwalls and robotic lights.

In 2011 on a quest for knowledge, he left Athens and moved in London and Opta Sports. Switched to HTML & JavaScript gaining a bunch of feats during the process.

In 2013 moved to TimeOut Group. With his battle brothers and sisters, crafted single page apps, (a highlight was the main search page made in angular). While on his free time used his own Role Playing Game, Codex, as a guinea pig to experiment in new technologies (React, Functional Programming and Scala).

In 2015 he took an android to the knee and moved to Maple Syrup Media. Dual-classing to a mobile software engineer role, worked mainly in iOS, Swift while helping his fellow android adventurers in time of needs.

Currently he is staring at the adventurer's billboard while works as a contractor and studies Computer Science, looking for new adventures.

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Maple Syrup Media LTd (Quidco)

Software Engineer in Mobile | October 1, 2015 - January 1, 2017

  • Contributed in android, iOS and back-end nodejs and PHP source code from day one.
  • Improved the android & iOS Quidco apps “bug-free users” rating to 99.9% in two months.
  • Designed & implemented the routing system of the new Quidco app in swift.
  • Designed & implemented the data-layer of the new Quidco app in swift.
  • Designed a new RESTful API following hypermedia standards and implemented acceptance tests in node.js.
  • Improved team culture and introduced unit testing, code reviews, pair programming and coding style standards.
  • Improved inter team communication and introduced Acceptance tests with Gherkins language for pinning down feature requirements.
  • Conducted interviews and improved our talent acquisition process for iOS, android, PHP and JavaScript developers.
TimeOut Group

Front End Developer | November 1, 2013 - October 1, 2015

  • Developed “TimeOut magazine’s” new website. The project feature automated tasks, a CI pipeline and it was thoroughly tested.
  • Developed the search page angularJS application.
  • Implemented more than a 1000 tests in JavaScript and Behat.
  • Redesigned and improved part of the custom CMS front-end for the brand.
  • Contributed in most of the Features released on the new TimeOut magazine website.
Opta (Aquired by Perform)

JavaScript Developer | July 16, 2011 - November 1, 2013

  • Ported “VideoHub 2.0” from ActionScript to JavaScript. The web app performs full text search for football events using a Solr interface. The app’s components return json and http streams of video compilations and render data visualisations. Most of the components were atomic and embedable.
  • Ported “Football Chalkboard” component from ActionScript to JavaScript. A lightweight web app that filters football events and render nodes and heatmaps using canvas tags
  • Designed & Developed a video timeline component that rendered interactive football events as icons on an interactive video seekbar.
Omega Technology

Multimedia Developer | September 1, 2005 - January 1, 2011

  • Designed & Developed more than 100 games in JavaScript and ActionScript, including a dynamic internationalised crossword in flash.
  • Developed internationalised software apps that release in languages including cyrillic and non-latin languages.
  • Developed websites with HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript and C#, supporting internationalisation.
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